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January 22, 2014
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Sonnavila: Reference Sheet + Profile by EmeraldGuardian-04 Sonnavila: Reference Sheet + Profile by EmeraldGuardian-04

Eeeeeeee~! :iconepiclaplz: I'm so happy this is finally done!! That's a first, Tam. You weren't procrastinating for this, aren't you? *Shot*

I've got the idea of her appearance from this flash game here (and got the picture of it here), but honestly, I changed most of the stuff 'cause I feel like making an outfit for her.. ^^; But, anyway, onto the drawing...

In my opinion, I have actually improved on the anatomy of the head, torso, legs, etc., but they're not perfect. o_O Her back perspective is somewhat of a challenge for me to draw, 'cause I have to know what it looks like on the back. :XD: The colour palettes, significant pieces of clothing, and the other things for reference (including the overall drawing) looks a bit iffy because I drew and coloured it traditionally, and the scanner made it look grainy. ^^; The text and flag I added on was digital. I sucked at the hands. >.>' Honestly. Especially doing the back perspective. >_<' ... Grrrrrr... I don't even know which art category this kind of work should be in. DDX WHERE'S THAT TRADIGITAL CATEGORY?? :iconswedenstareplz: Even though this is more traditional than digital, still, WHERE IS THAT DARN CATEGORY??!!!


Country Information
Official Country Name: Sonnavila
Capital: Moonlight City
Largest City: Riverbank Pass
Languages: English
Government: Democracy
Current Leader: John Campbell

Human Information
Human Name: Cassandra Miller
Nickname[s]: None
Age Appearance: 19
Gender: Female
Birthday: January 6th - ♑

About Them
Personality: Mature and somewhat unpredictable. On the contrary, she can be loud-mouthed and too confident.
Hobbies: Going out to parties after work, reading
Vices: Hypocrisy, not true to oneself
Virtues: Loyalty, perseverance
Likes: Accomplishing set goals, returning favours
Dislikes: Being underestimated, losing to another nation of her status
Fears: Failing a task, never meeting expectations
Extras: Alcoholic; drinks beer. She may deny that fact, and pretend to have a preference for coffee instead. Horrible at using long range weapons (ex. pistols, rifles); her lack of sight hinders her accuracy. Has sewed scar on her left cheek, and several of them on her forearms.

Physical Attributes
Blood Type: B
Height: 5' 7''
Weight: 57 kg
Body: Average
Hair: Blonde; usually tied into a bun.
Eyes: Gradiant, from dark blue to light blue
Mouth: Usually not smiling nor frowning
Accent: None
Outfit (Military): Radio transmitter/receiver, deep blue wilderness jacket, matching pants, brown terrain boots.
Outfit (Casual): Red tank top, dark grey comfortable pants, black running shoes.
Outfit (Other[s]): Blue/white blazer with a red strip running across torso and flag symbols, dark blue pants, black wedge knee boots (Uniform; the outfit shown in ref sheet). White long sleeve shirt with a black tie, dressy black pants, black heels (Work).
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Jewelry: None
Anything on your body that represents something in your country?: None

Family and Foreign Relationships
Ancestor: Unknown. Claims to be distantly related to the Scandinavians.
Family: Canada (possibly Denmark)
Friends: America, France, N. Italy
Rivals: Prussia, Sealand
Pets: None
Enemies: None
Potential Love Interest: None
Foreign Relationships: Unknown

Brief History
Past Caretakers: Canada
History: Before the first century, Sonnavila's first settlers were the Aboriginals from Canada. Later on in the century, the Scandinavians landed on the small island, and got driven out by the native peoples. The Vikings began to settle in the land, but not for long. The land still had the native people, which they forced them to leave the island.
     Later, in the 16th century, there was a demand for more land. With more geographic knowledge, they happened to find Sonnavila. Apparently, the settlers from Canada seems to have Norsemen or Métis background. Sonnavila's own government, culture, settlements, and flag was established.
     The land wasn't looked much into until the early 21st century, when Sonnavila's people decided to gather intel about the other countries in the world, including some micronations, to make it easier to promote future trade. Reconstruction of damaged/worn out buildings took place, as well as the advancement of technology.


The profile is still WIP, so it's probably not a very good one for a start.. ^^;

This profile template was by nejixkiki. x33

Hetalia © Hidekaz Himaruya

Sonnavila/Cassandra Miller, flag, art and ref sheet © :iconemeraldguardian-04:

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